• McHugh, Vincent -  I Am Thinking of My Darling
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by Signet 1950, 1st thus.(778) , by Vincent McHugh. ... A rare tropical virus has invaded the city, infecting its victims with a fever of happiness. They become relaxed, insouciant, prone to stay with their jobs (or their marriages) if they like them, to leave if they don't. Merchants offer free food and free booze; everyone offers free love. As New Yorkers revel in a small-town spirit of amiable fun, city officials, including the narrator, acting planning commissioner Jim Rowan, scramble to find a cure. Rowan also searches for his actress wife Niobe, who, struck by the virus, has left home and is hiding by convincingly impersonating characters around town, from a newspaper vendor to a Rockette. McHugh writes about New York in loving detail, from its infrastructure to such lost landmarks as the Astor bar, the Roxy and the Colony, evoking sharp nostalgia for Gotham in its glory days. ... [Fantasy]

McHugh, Vincent - I Am Thinking of My Darling

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