• Mowat, Farley   (Canadian Author .)  -  Never Cry Wolf
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Dell 1968, 4th thus.(6299) , by Farley Mowat. Canadian Author . ... From ancient times, wolves have been mythologized as ferocious and predatory beasts. In Never Cry Wolf conservationist Farley Mowat sets out to correct the stereotypes. Using his observations of a Canadian wolf pack, Mowat paints a sensitive picture of the wolf as a mild-tempered and graceful animal with strong familial bonds and a taste for small prey rather than livestock. Whilst the scientific basis of some of Mowats conclusions has been contested, this affectionate and humorous account provides an intimate understanding of wolf behaviour, and has provoked readers to fight for the preservation of these majestic creatures. This fascinating study marked a watershed in attitudes, proving that the wolf bears little resemblance to the gluttonous villain of childrens fairy tales or to the gothic werewolf. ... [Fiction-Canadian, Canada, Canadian Prairies, Canadiana]

Mowat, Farley (Canadian Author .) - Never Cry Wolf

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