• Bergsgaard, Mike   (With Tim Haverluck & Carmelo Militano.) (editors)  -  Special People in a Special Place
Trade paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Hugh John McDonald School 1990. (Illustrated. Previous owner's signature.) , by Mike Bergsgaard. (With Tim Haverluck & Carmelo Militano) ... Pieces about ethnic background near downtown Winnipeg, including Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Aboriginal, Laotian, Philippino, Vietnamese, etc. Photos. ... Contributors include Diane Andrade (My Community, 1990), Karen Ballantyne (My Neighborhood), Joe Bova (Joe Bova, B and F Construction), Kleto Buduhan (The Philippino Community), Lam Bui (Lam Bui, Social Worker), Cindy Callaghan (Canada Day on My Street), Linda Cantiveros (Linda Cantiveros, School Teacher), Stan Carbone (The Italian Community), Raymond Castro (Rappin' in the Rain), Allan Chan (I'm Outta Here), Cuong Chau (Mr. Cuong Chau, Director, South East Asian Refugee Community Organization), Linh Chau (A Friendly Place), Mrs. Choy (Chinese Community), Noemi Dionisio (The Lesson), Noemi Dionisio (A New School), Jill Dizon (Next Time, Just Knock), Eagles's Circle School (Rossbrook House Inc.), Luis Esteves (Neighbourhood Sights), Arturo Grijalva (My First Day), Raven Hart (Good Differences), Percy Haynes (Percy Haynes, Owner, Haynes Chicken Shack), Thanh Huong (Thanh Huong, Restauranteur), Ratha In (My Street), Crystal Kakegamic (Clothes Fallout), Crystal Kakegamic (Message from Grandfather), Michele Landon (Good Living), Lyle Longclaws (Native Community), George Macaraeg (The Stranger), George Macaraeg (Street Person), Carolina Nario (Great Courage in a Small Girl), Christy Jane Opina (The Neighborhoood), Jordan Oregas (Mr. Garbage Man), Gerlie Pascua (Getting to Know You), Phommachamh Phrakonkahm (The Laotian Community), Cheryl Pratt (Apples, Apples, Apples), Joseph C. Quinn (Joseph C. Quinn, Manager), Rolando Quintana (Kwickie Mart Robbery), Sergio Raposo (New Citizens), Sergio Raposo (Prejudice), Patty Reimer (My Community and Neighborhood), Ana Rodrigues (The Accident), Randy R. Rostecki (Special People in a Special Place: The Beginnings), Sherill P. Sapitan (The Simple Life), Dina Serpa (The Cold Stare), Murray Sinclair (Murray Sinclair, Manitoba Justice), Somchin Sivilay (Usually It's Quiet), Steven Soares (Hallowe'en Egg Toss), Meni Soc (Almost My Lucky Day), Carla Tavares (Touchdown), Tony Tavares (The Portuguese Community), Tony Tavares (Tony Tavares, Multi-Cultural Consultant), Uncredited (Dale Missyabit, Assistant Director, Rossbrook House), Nam Vu (Nam Vu, Vietnamese Liason Community Officer), Nam Vu (Vietnamese Community), Candice Whittington (Where I Live), Philip Yee (Mr. Philip Yee, Yee's Grocery Store). ... [Manitoba, Canadiana]

Bergsgaard, Mike (With Tim Haverluck & Carmelo Militano.) (editors) - Special People in a Special Place

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