• Gardner, Erle Stanley - The Case of the Crooked Candle
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Pocket (Canadian) 1969, 12th printing.(0-671-75524-2) (Previous owner's name clipped from endpaper.) , by Erle Stanley Gardner. ... "She told you he had been murdered?" "Well, not in so many words." "But she told you some of the details?" "She said the body had been found on Mr. Burbank's yacht, and that I wasn't to say anything about it." "Do you get talkative when you get drunk?" Mason asked. Burwell laughed nervously. "No. I get dizzy and go to sleep." "My advice to you, then," said Perry Mason, " is to start in without delay and get yourself quite drunk." A little more truth and a lot less lying were what Perry Mason needed most at that point, because the facts seemed to indicate that his client was either guilty or a liar-or both. From the back cover: "Mr. Mason, I'm going to confide in you." Daphne Milfield paused, and seemed to brace herself. The ringing of the telephone froze the words on her lips. "Perhaps that's your husband now," Perry Mason suggested. She picked up the receiver. "Why no, I don't know a Mr. Tragg....Lieutenant Tragg? No I don't....He does?...He is...?" "The nerve of that man!" she exclaimed, dropping the receiver back in place. "He's on his way up here." "Lieutenant Tragg is from headquarters-homicide," Mason said. "Who do you know that's been murdered?" "Good heavens! No one, except perhaps my..." "Go on." "No! No! No one." "Were you about to say 'my husband'?". ... [Mystery]

Gardner, Erle Stanley - The Case of the Crooked Candle

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