• Daniels, Dorothy -  Conover's Folly
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near very good. Published by Warner 1978, 4th printing.(0-446-84607-4) (84-607) (Spine and cover creases.) , by Dorothy Daniels. ... Judith wanted nothing from Conover's Folly -- except to be free of one searing memory. The last time she had seen the house called Conover's Folly, she had been a frightened child, watching from the darkened stairway as her father killed her mother, then himself. Now she is back -- eighteen years old, alone in the world, an heiress. She intends to sell the house, to be rid of its memories forever. But she discovers that Conover's Folly holds a secret -- one that may explain her father's actions. And she knows that to uncover this secret she must risk her life. ... [Gothic]

Daniels, Dorothy - Conover's Folly

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