• MacAuley, Thurston(editor)  -  Great Horse Stories of the World   (Also released as: The Great Horse Omnibus.)
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by New English Library 1968.(0-450-00192-X) , by Thurston MacAuley. (Also released as: The Great Horse Omnibus) ... Many of the pieces are extracted from longer works, concentrating on portions which involved horses. ... Contributors include Enid Bagnold (The Grand National), Robert Browning (How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix), Winston Churchill (Sensations of a Cavalry Charge), William Cowper (The Diverting History of John Gilpin), Charles Dickens (Expedition to Dingley Dell), Arthur Conan Doyle (Silver Blaze), Paul Gallico (A Horse Town), Oliver Goldsmith (The Vicar's Horses), Ernest Hemingway (A Great Jock), Washington Irving (The Headless Horseman), Will James (Smoky and Old Tom), D. H. Lawrence (St. Mawr), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (Paul Revere's Ride), John O'Hara (It Must Have Been Spring), Mary O'Hara (Flicka Is Halter-Broken), Theodore Roosevelt (A Class by Themselves), Siegfried Sassoon (The Equine Equivalent of Divinity), Siegfried Sassoon (A Pony for Master George), Anna Sewell (Black Beauty Was Wiser), Anna Sewell (Captain Talks of the Crimea), Betty Smith (A Horse in Love), Lincoln Steffens (A Grown=Up Could Hardly Have Stood It), John Steinbeck (The Red Pony), R. S. Surtees (Mr. Sponge Buying Horses), Leo Tolstoy (Vronsky's Unpardonable Mistake), A. F. Tschiffely (The Bragado), A. F. Tschiffely (Tschiffely's Ride), Mark Twain (The Pony Express), Mark Twin (The Stage-Driver Was a Hero), Len Wallace (Ben Hur Wins). ... [Horses]

MacAuley, Thurston(editor) - Great Horse Stories of the World (Also released as: The Great Horse Omnibus.)

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