• Kyle, David A. - The Dragon Lensman
Mass market paperback original. Condition: Near fine. Published by Bantam 1980, 1st edition.(0-553-13741-7) , by David A. Kyle. ... As The Dragon Lensman opens, the Boskonian conspiracy seems to have been vanquished with its defeat at the great Battle of Klovia, and the victorious Galactic Patrol is busy re-orienting itself to face the new challenges of policing a galaxy instead of defending it against a ruthless invader. Among those adjusting to the new reality is Second Stage Lensman Worsel, the legendary warrior/scientist famed for his intelligence and dedication to the fight against ignorance and evil. Like all of his species, Worsel resembles the mythological dragons of old Tellus, with a sinewy, ten-meter-long body covered in scales and boasting great wings and terrifying claws and teeth. But Worsel's real strength is his mind and its unmatched psychic abilities, concentrated and focused by the Lens shining among his many eye-stalks. ... Based on the work of E. E. Smith. ... Series: Lensman. ... [Science Fiction]

Kyle, David A. - The Dragon Lensman

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