• Garon, Jay   (With Marco Wilson.) (editors)  -  Erotica Exotica
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Belmont 1963, 1st thus.(L92-568) (Previous owner's stamp.) , by Jay Garon. (With Marco Wilson) ... Contributors include Anonymous (I Dreamed My Love), Anonymous (I'll Have You, Quoth He), Anonymous (A Maiden's Denial), Anonymous (A Present to a Lady), Anonymous (The Three Merry Travellers), Anonymous (Tit for Tat), Lucius Apuleis (The Golden Ass (Condensed)), Arabian Nights (The Bull and the Ass), Aristophanes (Ladies' Day (Condensed)), Giovanni Boccaccio (The Eighth Tale), Giovanni Boccaccio (The Second Story), Poggio Bracciolini (Anecdotes (Condensed)), Lord Byron (Don Juan in Flight (A Selection of Cantos)), Geoffrey Chaucer (The Miller's Tale (Narrative Version)), William Congreve (Song), Honore de Balzac (The Pretty Maid of Portillon), Daniel Defoe (Moll Flanders (A Resume)), John Donne (To His Mistress Going to Bed), John Dryden (Whilst Alexis Lay Prest), Earl of Rochester (The Imperfect Enjoyment), Robert Herrick (The Poet Loves a Mistress, But Not to Marry), Margaret Queen of Navarre (A Piece of a Tale (Condensed)), William Shakespeare (Sonnets (Selections)), Sir John Suckling (Profferred Love Rejected), Jonathan Swift (Gulliver's Travels (A Condensation)), Francois Villon (Ballads (Selections)), Walt Whitman (Leaves of Grass (Selections)). ... [Sexuality]

Garon, Jay (With Marco Wilson.) (editors) - Erotica Exotica

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