• Ambler, Eric(editor)  -  To Catch a Spy
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by Fontana 1974, 1st thus.(0-00-613483-1) , by Eric Ambler. ... Contributors include Eric Ambler (Belgrade 1926), John Buchan (The Loathly Opposite), Ian Fleming (From a View to a Kill), Michael Gilbert (On Slay Down), Graham Greene (I Spy), Compton MacKenzie (The First Courier), W. Somerset Maugham (Giulia Lazzari). ... [Suspense Thriller, Spy Thriller]

Ambler, Eric(editor) - To Catch a Spy

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Tags: Compton MacKenzie, Eric Ambler, Fontana, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming, John Buchan, Michael Gilbert, Mystery, Spy Thriller, Suspense Thriller, W. Somerset Maugham