• Bell, Leslie -  Sabotage
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near very good. Published by Four Square 1959, 1st thus.(170) (There is some separating at the base of the spine.) , by Leslie Bell. ... In a secret workshop inside a London museum, Lt.-Col. Elder Wills produced some of the most unorthodox weapons ever devised - light bulbs that exploded at top Nazi conferences, bicycle pumps that blew up Gestapo agents, native 'souvenirs' that destroyed a Japanese troop ship. Whenever a Nazi-occupied factory burnt mysteriously to the ground or an enemy troop-train was derailed at high speed, the disaster was most certainly caused by a device supplied by Wills. Exploding rats, incendiary cigarettes, statues carved from solid TNT...These are a few of the weapons invented by Lt. Col. Elder Wills, whose wartime job was to provide British and Resistance agents with the means of destroying enemy soldiers and factories. This is the most incredible war story ever written - and every word of it is true. ... [Military/War, Biography, World War 2]

Bell, Leslie - Sabotage

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