• Sheckley, Robert - The Status Civilization
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near very good. Published by Four Square 1967, 1st thus.(1873) (Edgewear, there is some separating at the top of the spine.) , by Robert Sheckley. ... Yes sir. Well, there are three men outside trying to kill me. . . ." "Quite right," Mr. Frendlyer said. "And today is Landing Day. You came off the ship that landed today, and have been classified a peon. . . . I'm happy to say that everything is in order. The Landing Day Hunt ends at sundown. You can leave here with the knowledge that everything is correct and that your rights have not been violated." "Leave here? After sundown, you mean." Mr. Frendlyer shook his head and smiled sadly. "I'm afraid not. According to the law you must leave here at once." "But they'll kill me!" "That's very true. Unfortunately it can't be helped. A victim by definition is one who is to be killed. . . . We protect rights, not victims. ... [Science Fiction]

Sheckley, Robert - The Status Civilization

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