• Kinloch, Angus -  Also Swarf
Trade paperback booklet. Condition: Very good. Published by Self Published (Canadian) 1948. (Signed by the author.) , by Angus Kinloch. ... An essay, and poetry inspired by World War 2 Britain. ... Includes Anxiety, The Book of the Prophet King, Come to Britain, Driver Sam, R.A.S.C., And His Savings Stamps, Essay Competition, The Eternal Problem, Grand Finale, Mrs. G'S Button, Music, New Clothing Worries for the A.T.S., The Nylon-Clad Girlie and the Camera, Ode to Nederland, An Ode to the R.A.S.C., The River, To the Few & The True Fellowship of U.S.-British Comrades. ... [Poetry, Canadiana]

Kinloch, Angus - Also Swarf

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