• Coronet 1947--December
Digest magazine. Condition: Near fine (Light dust soiling at edges.) Coronet 1947--December. ... Cover illustration by Jim Lockhart. Contributors include David Anderson (Those Million Dollar Trade Names), Jack Benny (Game Book), Betty Betz (The Betty Betz Party Book), Jim Bishop (He Has a Way with Elephants), Hal Borland (The Loneliest Man in Town), Col. Albert Boyd (I Flew Faster Than a Bullet), Hal Burton (I Have Died Ten Times), Norman Carlisle (Daisy Miller--Dog Detective), Mrs. Glenn Frank (Adventure in Christmas Giving), Hamlin Garland (My First Christmas Tree), Clayton G. Going (Reilly's Human Service Station), James Craig Gordon (One Heaven of a Fellow), H. L. Herschensohn (Talk Up to Your Doctor!), Duncan Hines (Adventures in Good Eating), Elmer L. Irey (How We Smashed the Prendergast Machine), Paul W. Kearney (How to Report a Fire), Lawrence Lader (Have You Forgotten a Fortune?), Henry Lee (Saviors in Blue), Frederic Loomis (A Gift of Life or Death: My Most Difficult Decision), John Masefield (Sea Fever), Willim F. McDermott (Pride of America's Farm Lands), Reed Millard (They Sell Courage to Live), C. Lester Walker (Rosie-The One-Purpose Guy), Gordon White (Conqueror's Christmas), Madelyn Wood (Saved--A Million Babies!). ... [Current Affairs]

Coronet 1947--December

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