• Charteris, Leslie - Le Saint ne Veut Pas Chanter
Foreign language paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by le Livre de Poche 1974.(3973) , by Leslie Charteris. ... Never published in English. Literal translation: The Saint Refuses to Sing. Three interconnected, untitled stories taking place in America. Based on radio scripts "Baby Adoption Ring Blackmail" by Ken Crossen, and "Blackmail" by Michael Cramoy. Simon is framed for murder in connection with a baby adoption center called Sanctuary. He then helps actress Diane Lamour recover her stolen jewels and defeat a blackmailer, the "Stitcher" who threatens to ruin her beauty. Finally, he fights Culver, a crooked magician, and eventually exposes meek banker Bill Anderson as the ring leader of a nationwide gang of blackmailers. ... Ghost-written by Madeleine Michel-Tyl. ... Language: French. ... [Mystery]

Charteris, Leslie - Le Saint ne Veut Pas Chanter

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