• Wate, Steve -  Ring of Hell
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near very good. Published by Digit [circa 1960].(D359) (Some spine and cover wear and creasing. The base of the spine is starting to split at the front hinge.) , by Steve Wate. ... A zooming roar above him made his very bones creak. A dive-bomber was hurtling out of the sky, like a great descending hawk. It seemed to be coming straight for the convent. Bombs dropped from its belly like the huge black eggs of some mammoth prehistoric bird. The attacker levelled off and swept away like a shark, its underbelly exposed. The first bomb landed on the courtyard. It dug a great crater in the hard earth, burrowed under the wall, eating at its foundations. ... [War Fiction]

Wate, Steve - Ring of Hell

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Tags: Fiction, Steve Wate, War Fiction