• Wyndham, John   (Pseudonym of John Beynon Harris.)  -  Trouble with Lichen
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near very good, cocked, creases. Published by Penguin 1965, 3rd printing.(1986) (With a Canadian price sticker on the front cover, added by the Canadian distributor of this title.) , by John Wyndham. Pseudonym of John Beynon Harris. ... Francis Saxover and Diana Brackley, two scientists investigating a rare lichen, discover it has a remarkable property: it retards the aging process. Francis, realising the implications for the world of an ever-youthful, wealthy elite, wants to keep it secret, but Diana sees an opportunity to overturn the male status quo by using the lichen to inspire a feminist revolution. As each scientist wrestles with the implications and practicalities of exploiting the discovery, the world comes ever closer to learning the truth . . . Trouble with Lichen is a scintillating story of the power wielded by science in our lives and asks how much trust should we place in those we appoint to be its guardians? ... [Science Fiction]

Wyndham, John (Pseudonym of John Beynon Harris.) - Trouble with Lichen

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