• Hitchcock, Alfred(editor)  - A Hangman's Dozen
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Mayflower Dell 1964, 2nd printing.(3428-8) (Edgeworn.) , by Alfred Hitchcock. ... Contributors include Robert Arthur (An Attractive Family), Ray Bradbury (The October Game), John Cortez (Fair Game), Jonathan Craig (Stop Calling Me Mister), Richard Deming (Blackout), Charles Einstein (Let the Sucker Beware), Fletcher Flora (Most Agreeably Poisoned), C. B. Gilford (The Forgiving Ghost), Evan Hunter (Not a Laughing Matter), Richard Matheson (The Children of Noah), Helen Nielsen (Your Witness), Jack Ritchie (Bomb #14), Richard Stark (The Curious Facts Preceding My Execution), Jay Street (The Last Escape), Donald E. Westlake (The Best-Friend Murder). ... [Mystery]

Hitchcock, Alfred(editor) - A Hangman's Dozen

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Tags: Alfred Hitchcock, C. B. Gilford, Charles Einstein, Donald E. Westlake, Evan Hunter, Fletcher Flora, Helen Nielsen, Jack Ritchie, Jay Street, John Cortez, Jonathan Craig, Mayflower Dell, Mystery, Ray Bradbury, Richard Deming, Richard Matheson, Richard Stark, Robert Arthur