• Charteris, Leslie - The Saint in the Sun
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Coronet 1972, 2nd printing.(0-340-01720-1) , by Leslie Charteris. ... Whether he is in Cannes, ST Tropez, Nassau or Lucerne, the Saint always finds some action to interest him. In these seven stories, Simon faces competition in the jewel thief business, encounters an unpleasant movie mogul, uncovers a Ponzi scheme that isn't what it seems, deals with sabotage in the world of motor racing, finds a missing body, tangles with the Russians and rescues an heiress. Evil flourishes in the sun as well as the shadows, but the Saint always stands ready to prevent it. ... Includes The Better Mousetrap, The Fast Women, The Hopeless Heiress, The Jolly Undertaker, The Prodigal Miser, The Russian Prisoner & The Ugly Impresario. ... Series: Saint. ... [Mystery]

Charteris, Leslie - The Saint in the Sun

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