• Brazil, Angela - The Youngest Girl in the Fifth
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Armada 1969, revised.(C281) (Spine creases.) , by Angela Brazil. ... Gwen! Gwen Gascoyne! Gwen! Anybody seen her? I say, have you all gone deaf? Don't you hear me? Where's Gwen? I-want-Gwen-Gascoyne! The speaker-Ida Bridge-a small, perky, spindle-legged Junior, jumped on to the nearest seat, and raising her shrill voice to its topmost pitch, twice shouted the "Gwen Gascoyne", with an aggressive energy calculated to make herself heard above the babel of general chatter that pervaded the schoolroom. Her effort, though far from musical, at any rate secured her the notice she desired. "Hello, there! Stop that noise! It's like a dog howling!" irately commanded a girl in spectacles who was cleaning the blackboard. ... [Fiction]

Brazil, Angela - The Youngest Girl in the Fifth

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