• Asquith, Cynthia(editor)  - The Third Ghost Book
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by Pan 1957, 1st thus.(GP86) (Back cover crease.) , by Cynthia Asquith. ... Contributors include Robert Aickman (Ringing the Changes), Robert Aickman (Rining the Changes), Cynthia Asquith (Who Is Sylvia?), Michael Asquith (The Uninvited Face), Eileen Bigland (Remembering Lee), Ronald Blythe (Take Your Partners), Elizabeth Bowen (The Claimant), Collin Brooks (Mrs. Smiff), Ursula Codrington (The Shades of Sleepe), John Cornell (The House in the Glen), Jonathan Curling (I Became Bulwinkle), Lord Dunsany (The Ghost of the Valley), Evelyn Fabyon (Napoleon's Hat), Mary Fitt (The Doctor), Daniel George (The Woman in Black), Rachel Hartfield (The Bull), L. P. Hartley (Someone in the Lift), Elizabeth Jenkins (On No Account, My Love), Margaret Lane (The Day of the Funeral), Marghanita Laski (The Tower), James Laver (Somebody Calls), Shane Leslie (A Laugh on the Professor), Nancy Spain (The King of Spain), L. A. G. Strong (The Hounds That Wouldn't Keep Still), Elizabeth Taylor (Poor Girl), Rosemary Timperley (Harry), Mary Treadgold (The Telephone), Angus Wilson (Animals or Human Beings). ... [Horror]

Asquith, Cynthia(editor) - The Third Ghost Book

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