• Dunlap, Susan - An Equal Opportunity Death
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by PaperJacks 1985, 1st thus.(0-7701-0347-2) , by Susan Dunlap. ... To escape arrest for her best friend's murder, Vejay must find the real killer--before it's too lateIn the small woodsy town of Henderson, California, the electric company is strict about sick days. So when meterreader Vejay Haskell decides to play hooky, her first concern is staying out of sight. She skirts around the edge of town, making her way to Frank's Place, a cozy saloon owned by her friend Frank Goulet. After two cups of hot buttered rum, they have an argument and she storms out into the pouring rain. She goes home, takes a nap, and awakens sober, embarrassed, and ready to apologize. But by the time she gets back to Frank's bar, he is dead. Vejay was seen leaving Frank's house in a huff, and her lack of an alibi combined with her suspicious sick day makes her the number-one suspect. As the police close in on her, Vejay turns detective in search of Frank's real killer. It's a perilous task, but she has one advantage when she puts on her work clothes: Nobody ever notices the meterreader. ... [Mystery]

Dunlap, Susan - An Equal Opportunity Death

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