• Kapp, Colin -  Search for the Sun
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by DAW (Canadian) [1983], 2nd printing.(0-87997-858-9) (UE1858 #545) (Date stamp on bottom page edges.) , by Colin Kapp. ... World upon world had been added, each planetary orbit studded with new planets. Planet had been linked to planet until unimaginably vast concentric shells, spinning, stabilised, surrounded the sun. Each shell teemed with the countless billions of mankind. And always, unceasingly, the work went of. They were three: MAQ ANCOR, THE MASTER ASSASSIN, MAGICIAN CHERRY, SPACE ILLUSIONIST, SINE ANURA, MISTRESS OF THE EROTIC. Chosen for the great quest, the journey into the heart of mankind's greatest creation: Zeus. Zeus who made the new worlds for Man, endlessly forming, linking, organising the spread of Man into the new Zeus-created lands. So great was the undertaking that it had passed beyond the control of Man. Zeus, obeying with ruthless logic its original program, was lethal in what it deemed to be its own defence. For Man to regain control he had to understand what he had created. This was the great quest, the ultimate journey of discovery. ... Cover illustration by Vincent di Fate. DAW Collector # 545. ... [Science Fiction]

Kapp, Colin - Search for the Sun

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