• Kurland, Michael J. - The Whenabouts of Burr
Mass market paperback original. Condition: Near fine. Published by DAW (Canadian) 1975, 1st edition.(UY1182) , by Michael J. Kurland. ... Someone has taken the original document of the U.S. Constitution and substituted another. The substitute is identical, just as old, and equally authentic -- except it has been signed by Aaron Burr! It contradicts history, but it is real and there for everyone to see! Such a crime calls for out-of-this-world detective work. There must be alternate Americas -- and one of them must be an American union that Burr helped shape. With a few impossible coins, the path is indicated...and the search for THE WHENABOUTS OF BURR begins! It's a hunt through all the alternate-universe Americas that might have been -- with Alexander Hamilton to point the way and Aaron Burr to block it! ... Cover illustration by Kelly Freas. DAW Collector # 157. ... [Science Fiction]

Kurland, Michael J. - The Whenabouts of Burr

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