• Hardy, Adam   (Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer.)  -  Battle Smoke
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by New English Library 1974, 1st thus.(0-450-01967-5) , by Adam Hardy. Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer. ... Years on the high seas had taught George Abercrombie Fox that running a ship and winning battles with it were only for the brave and the brash ... for the men who would die rather than surrender to the sea or the enemy. Now, with the Furieuse barely afloat, with the captain barely in command of his crew, with the French preparing another attack, only Fox can maneuver them back home. The big question is: at what price? Fox is a genius at whipping ships and men back into shape. But few can tolerate his tough and demanding standards of excellence. Once again, he must defy men of power and influence for the honor of his ship and his men. Even if it means fighting an entire squadron. Which bigod, he is prepared to do! FOX IS NOT THE NOBLE HERO OF TRADITIONAL FICTION. FOX IS A FIGHTING MAN WHO TRANSCENDS HEROISM -- HE DOESN'T CARE HOW HE WINS AS LONG AS HE WINS. HE'S MEAN, CUNNING AND MOST VICIOUS WHEN TRAPPED. THERE'S NO WAY TO OUTFOX FOX! ... Cover illustration by W. Francis Phillipps. ... Series: Fox 8. ... [Sea Adventure]

Hardy, Adam (Pseudonym of Kenneth Bulmer.) - Battle Smoke

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