• Robeson, Kenneth - The Crimson Serpent
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Bantam 1974, 1st thus.(S8367) , by Kenneth Robeson. ... To the world at large, Doc Savage is a strange, mysterious figure of glistening bronze skin and golden eyes. To his amazing co-adventurers-the five greatest brains ever assembled in one group-he is a man of superhuman strength and protean genius, whose life is dedicated to the destruction of evil-doers. To his fans he is the greatest adventure hero of all time, whose fantastic exploits are unequaled for hair-raising thrills, breathtaking escapes and blood-curdling excitement. WEIRD TERROR. A ferocious killer is stalking the Arkansas swamp! As THE MAN OF BRONZE and loyal companions venture forth to unmask the dread villain, they encounter some of the most horrifying perils of their careers-including the Crimson Serpent itself! ... House pseudonym used by Lester Dent. ... Series: Doc Savage 78. ... [Pulp Heroes, Mystery]

Robeson, Kenneth - The Crimson Serpent

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