• Grant, Maxwell - The Death Giver
Mass market paperback. Condition: Near fine. Published by Jove (Canadian) 1978, 1st Appearance in book form.(0-515-04282-X) (V4282) , by Maxwell Grant. ... What was the meaning of the sudden, mysterious deaths that were striking ordinary citizens in New York's public places? No doubt they were the first manifestations of a diabolical scheme toward ill-gotten wealth and criminal power. But they were more than that. They were the work of a monstrous fiend who loved death for its own grisly sake--Thade, The Death Giver! In a thousand cunning ways, this fearsome genius dealt death--to those who would thwart his designs, to his blackmail victims, even to his own tools and henchmen. No man could come in contact with Thade and survive--until there appeared, gigantic automatics at the ready, a strange stealthy figure with a dark cloak and slouch hat, piercing luminous eyes, and an uncanny laugh that foretold impending triumph over evil...The Shadow! ... House pseudonym used by Walter B. Gibson. ... Cover illustration by Jim Steranko. ... Series: Shadow 23. ... [Pulp Heroes, Mystery]

Grant, Maxwell - The Death Giver

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