• Burroughs, Edgar Rice -  Tarzan the Untamed
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Ballantine 1978, 7th printing.(0-345-27697-3) (23005) (Reading crease, cover creases.) , by Edgar Rice Burroughs. ... Tarzan returns to his African estate and finds carnage and disaster. His home is burned, his farm in shambles, and his beloved wife is a charred corpse, identifiable only by her rings. Silently he buries the body while swearing a terrible vengeance. Then he sets out to track the marauders who perpetrated this crime. He tracks them through warring armies - across a vast desert that no man has ever crossed - finally into a strange valley where only madmen live! ... Cover illustration by Boris Vallejo. ... Series: Tarzan. ... [Science Fantasy]

Burroughs, Edgar Rice - Tarzan the Untamed

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