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Undersized paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Penguin 60's (American) 1995, 1st thus.(0-14-600090-0) , by Anonymous. ... Three spine-chilling horror stories by three masters of the macabre. In "Hop-Frog", a gruesome tale by America's father of Gothic horror, Edgar Allan Poe, a king's jester, both a dwarf and a cripple, exacts a terrible revenge. Ambrose Bierce's "The Boarded Window" is a frightening and deeply sad story of death, grief, and terror on the frontier by the classic writer of the American West. In "The Body Snatcher", by Robert Louis Stevenson, the British author better known for his children's books, morally corrupt medical students rob graves of fresh corpses until on black night when they meet a grisly fate. ... Contributors include Ambrose Bierce (The Boarded Window), Edgar Allan Poe (Hop-Frog), Robert Louis Stevenson (The Body Snatcher). ... [Horror]

Anonymous(editor) - Three Tales of Horror

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