• Burroughs, Edgar Rice - The Return of Tarzan
Mass market paperback. Condition: Very good. Published by Ballantine (Canadian) 1966, 1st Canadian.(U2002) (Rubbed. Previous owner's name.) , by Edgar Rice Burroughs. ... TV tie-in. ... Tarzan, after valiantly giving up the woman he loved to another man, leaves the deceitful world of civilization and returns to his beloved African jungle. Upon his return, buried in the mists of his Jungle, Tarzan discovers Opar, the city of gold, presumably the remains of Atlantis. But beneath it's tranquil fa├žade, he encounters la, the high priestess of the Flaming God, brutal men, savage women and a blood stained altar of sacrifice. Tarzan must lead a tribe of primitive warriors through the ancient crypts if he wants to escape the grip of Opar! ... Cover photo features Ron Ely. ... Series: Tarzan. ... [Science Fantasy]

Burroughs, Edgar Rice - The Return of Tarzan

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