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The most well-known Canadian paperback publisher is, of course, Harlequin.  However, there are many others, both in digest and paperback form.  Collins issued a line of White Circle paperbacks, with over 500 titles.  News Stand Library did about 200.  In similar format to News Stand Library were Crow and Derby.  

I have provided separate inventory lists for some of the most important of these publishers, with the rest of what I have available in the Other category.

This category does not include the countless titles which are merely an American or British paperback, otherwise identical to the original, but with the words "Printed in Canada" on the title page.  Those titles are listed under the original American or British publishers, unless the Canadian printing is substantially different from its counterpart (e.g. specially numbered issues for Avon and Pyramid, or Ian Fleming's Octopussy)

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