About Us

Bookit Enterprises Inc. was founded in 1998, when we went into semi-retirement from Pandora's Books, which was one of the leading sellers of out-of-print genre fiction.

We are no longer involved in Pandora's, as we sold the company to the very able Tim Friesen.

After a few years of semi-retirement, however, we went back into the book selling business, but as of 2014, we have gone back to semi-retirement, and now treat bookselling as a hobby, not a business. We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. I have been reading and collecting science fiction and mysteries since 1959, and selling books since 1965. I am fairly knowledgeable in these fields, but have little pretensions to book knowledge outside of these areas.

We are not open to the public, doing all of our business by mail-order. We do not issue catalogs, preferring to prepare individual, tailored catalogs on the request of individual customers. 

As well as selling books, I have done a little bit of publishing, including 15 issues of a magazine called The Science-Fiction Collector/Megavore, a magazine devoted to bibliography in the science fiction field, and The Tanelorn Archives, a bibliography of Michael Moorcock.  I have also written articles on books and book collecting for a number of magazines and reference books, and you will probably find my name in the credits in others, as well, like paperback price guides, bibliographies, etc.

Your host, Grant Thiessen